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Folkestone & Hythe Hub

Most volunteer roles are entirely flexible and can work around your own life, all we ask is that you are friendly, positive and will do all you can to keep your commitments when you have agreed to help. You are also not restricted to choosing only one role!


A regular visit scheduled between you and a client. This could be just to chat, have a cup or tea, read, play games, and much more.


We are always looking for volunteers to help with admin whether that be from your own home or in our office in Folkestone. Jobs include making phone calls, answering emails, data entry, interviewing new volunteers, and answering all manner of enquiries.

Event Organising

Help with events like lunches, fundraising, recruitment stands, and making presentations to local groups and organisations. We can give you the resources to take the lead and organise an event or you can help us run things smoothly on the day.