What is Gift Aid and how does it work?

Gift Aid is a government scheme which lets us claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. It does not cost you anything extra to sign up to Gift Aid. This is because as a UK taxpayer you have already paid tax on the money you’re donating. Once we receive your donation, we get the tax you originally paid back from HMRC to top up the donation.  


Who can Gift Aid?

You can Gift Aid if: 


  • you’re a UK taxpayer 
  • the money you’re donating belongs to you 
  • the tax you pay that year is at least equal to all your donations to any charity. 


How to sign up to Gift Aid

Fill out the form below, or contact us Fundraising@KCV.org.uk if you want more information or for us to send you a paper form.

    If you are a UK taxpayer, the Gift Aid scheme will increase the value of your donations to Kent Coast Volunteering by 25% at no additional cost to you or us!

    Please complete your details to join the KCV Gift Aid scheme.